Easy WordPress servers

wpUP.io offers Managed WordPress installations running on your own cloud servers


Your servers

Use your own DigitalOcean account. We launch the servers and manage them for you

A modern stack

We install NGINX, HHVM and MariaDB

Safe and Secure

All servers you launch are firewalled and access requires SSH keys


Automated daily backups of your sites and ability to trigger a backup at will


Easy restores of sites from backup

One-click installs

Have a new WordPress site configured in minutes

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Frequent Questions

What is wpUP.io?

wpUP.io is a Managed WordPress solution and Dashboard all in one.

You provide us access to a cloud provider like DigitalOcean and then we go ahead and create and configure the server. Once setup we take care of the management of it such as making backups, updating the software and patching security issues.

These are your servers on your own DigitalOcean account.

What cloud providers do you support?

We currently support DigitalOcean. We have plans for adding Linode in the near future.

Why not shared hosting?

Since the resources are shared between hundreds or thousands of sites you are likely to run into the "bad neighbour" effect. What this means is that another site (that you dont own) can use more of their fare share of resources and starve your sites.

Managed WordPress caters to a very specific niche, meaning that we can fine-tune and optimize the server for running WordPress. Shared hosting must support a wide variety of sites and cannot be optimized for a specific need.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up for DigitalOcean.
  2. Request an API-key for the account.
  3. Sign up for wpUP.io.
  4. Enter the API-key and launch a server.
  5. Create a new site on the server or import an existing one.

I dont see any pricing?

wpUp.io is currently in public beta and we have not announced our pricing yet. What we can say though is that pricing will be based on the number of servers we manage for you and not per site.

How do I join the beta?

Enter your e-mail in the form above and we will send you a beta key that you must enter when signing up.

I have a question you have not covered

For any general questions or if you need support, please email support@wpup.io.